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New Racer Referral Initiative

In the 2023 season, PanAmSBK implemented a New Racer Initiative. This initiative is our way to reward our racers who help us grow our series by referring their friends who are racing somewhere else to come give us a try.

New Racer Benefits

  1. The new licensed racer will receive a free single-weekend race license for one race weekend.
  2. An unlicensed racer who completes the PanAmSBK race school will receive a free season license.
  3. An unlicensed racer who completes a recognized race school will receive a free-single weekend race license for one race weekend.
  4. The new race will receive two free sprint races that can be used over two race weekends after their first weekend.
  5. At the end of each race weekend, the free sprint race will be credited to the racer’s account.

Current Racer Benefits

  1.  Current PanAmSBK racers will receive two $100 credit for each new racer they refer to PanAmSBK.
  2.  Each $100 credit will be awarded at the end of the race weekend that the new racer attends.
  3. There is no limit to the number of racers you can refer. Example. If you refer three racers, you will receive $300 total in credits for those three racers.

How To Receive The Benefits
The new racer must pre-register for a race weekend. During the checkout process, there is a form field where a new racer can enter the name of the PanAmSBK racer who referred them. An email can be sent to [email protected] with the new racer’s name and the name of the racer who referred them.

If the new racer chooses to take care of this at the track, the referral information must be provided to the registration\check-in desk Saturday morning by start of practice.